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Tips for feeding Limpits Reef Buffet
I receive questions and comments from time to time from people who are new or are long time users of Limpits Reef Buffet line of frozen fish food.
Its great to hear feedback on my food and 99.99% of the time people just want to tell me that they (or their fish most likely) love the food. 
There is the rare occasion sometimes that I get feedback from someone who has an issue or is misinformed.  
That being said I decided that I would write up a few tips and my recommended feeding instructions for Limpits Reef Buffet. 
1. I highly recommend that you DO NOT rinse either one of the Original or Coral Blends. All of the non dry ingredients that go into Limpits Reef Buffet go through a multi step rinsing process using RO/DI water so no further rinsing is needed or recommended. User rinsing of Limpits Reef Buffet will result in the washing away of the very small particle ingredients along with the non absorbed fortifiers that have been added to both blends. All you need to do is thaw the food and feed, that's it :)
​2. Use a feed mode or manually turn off return pumps, filters and protein skimmers. This allows your fish and corals a better chance of eating the food. It also helps prevent uneaten food from getting sucked down overflows or into filters and fouling them. I generally leave pumps and filters shut off for 30 minutes, (sometimes more when feeding corals) before turning things back on.
3. DO NOT OVERFEED!  Use only enough food that your fish can consume in 5-7 minutes. Overfeeding can result in algae issues due to increased fish waste and uneaten food fouling filter media. If you see food floating around in your aquarium and your fish seem to not interested in eating it you are overfeeding. Also there are no binders, fillers or water added to Limpits Reef Buffet so a little will go a long way. 
So to quickly sum things up. Do not rinse the food, turn off pumps and filters, and do not overfeed.       If you have any questions regarding my food or feeding free to contact me using the form below.