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Drip Acclimation Kit
This is a custom made drip acclimation kit for acclimation of new livestock.
If you own a saltwater aquarium then drip acclimation is the best way to acclimate new fish and inverts to their new environment.
These could also be used to acclimate more delicate freshwater fish.
The rigid elbow will fit over aquarium top frames up to 1 3/4" thick without having to bend the elbow.
I use 5 feet of extra strong, pliable blue silicone tubing which is the most flexible silicone tubing on the market.
Each one is hand made by me with attention to detail.
I also include detailed instructions on proper drip acclimation procedure.
With over 25 years in the saltwater hobby I am also able to share tips that I have found work great for me over the years.
$6.49 shipping included U.S. only.
International customers please contact us.
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