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"D" Shaped Overflow Cover
AGA "D" shaped overflow cover
Custom hand made overflow cover for Aqueon, Oceanic and All Glass reef ready aquariums.
There are companies out there that sell covers for the front of your overflow. Those front covers still allow light to enter inside the overflow for algae to grow and also allow your fish to jump into your overflow.
Minimize algae growth that hinders flow in your overflows and keep your fish safe by installing one of these overflow covers.

Fits most Aqueon, Oceanic and All Glass reef ready aquariums with "D" shaped overflows.
Made of durable 1/4" solid black acrylic with stops on underside to keep cover firmly on overflow and is completely saltwater safe.
There are stops on the underside of the cover that keep it from moving around. The stops will not effect the stock plumbing locations on the overflow.
If your output plumbing stands higher than the very top lip of overflow modifications will be necessary.
These covers measure approx: 10 3/8" x 4 1/2" please measure your overflow to insure proper fit before buying.
I test fit every cover I make on my 180 gallon All Glass reef ready tank with D" shaped overflow to assure proper fit.
If your overflow is warped or some other way deformed modifications may also be necessary. 
Please note: Covers are made as ordered. Please allow a few days prior to shipping. thank you

$23.49 ea. includes shipping U.S. only.
International customers please contact us for shipping information
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